Welcome to the Fox Party!


AWARE has given a second chance at life to hundreds of animals in 2019 so far...including some red and grey foxes who really knew how to party*! Can you help us by donating today so that NEXT year's foxes will have the chance to party too?

*Alright, alright, don't worry: not really like a Gatsby party! The fox "party" we are talking about here at AWARE lasted for several months and included medical treatment, rest, recovery, rehabilitation with new adopted siblings, and finally a grand release back into the wild!

Where do these foxes come from?

Many of these foxes, like the female red fox kit to the right, were struck by cars and came to us in urgent need of care and medicine if they were going to have any chance at all.

injured red fox

Once they were on the road to recovery, we introduced them to other foxes of their same species in a spacious outdoor enclosure. We loved seeing how these orphaned kits bonded with each other as sibling groups!

foxes playing

Finally, when the kits were all grown up and totally healthy...it was time to go!

Both groups of foxes were successfully released back into the wild - safe, healthy, and ready to take on life's challenges alongside their newfound siblings.

Stories like these are the reason AWARE exists - and without you, none of it would be possible. Will you give today so that animals like these incredible foxes have a chance?

On behalf of all my new friends at AWARE....THANK YOU!