Raptor Rig Ultralite Transport

Professional Raptor Transport and Exhibit System for Birds of Prey

Lightweight ~ Strong ~ Waterproof ~ Chemical Resistant ~ Colorfast


Raptor Rig closed

Raptor Rig Closed

 Raptor Rigs are ideal for:

    • Falconers
    • Zoos
    • Educators
    • Rehabilitators
    • Exhibitors

The Raptor Rig’s design is based on years of transporting birds of prey to and from programs and setting up exhibits.  With the Raptor Rig, you will have no more need for heavy perch stands, bow perches, plywood boxes or pet carriers.

Raptor Rig Open

Raptor Rig Open

The moveable perch instantly transforms the carrier into a professional exhibit stand. Rehabilitators love the ease of loading and unloading for rescues and transport.

For years, rehabilitators, falconers and educators have been forced to build their own boxes made from plywood or pet carriers.

  • Plywood is heavy, requires painting and sealing and doesn’t hold up to the constant washing, urates and beating that these boxes have to endure.
  • Pet carriers are noisy, heavy, awkwardly shaped and difficult to carry.  They require covers over the windows and door, have doors that are too small and are difficult to clear.

Raptor Rig is designed to eliminate all of these problems.

Raptor Rigs have theses unique design features.A_5224Scr

  • Lightweight ~ Small (2 lbs.), Large (3.5 lbs.)
  • Waterproof ~ Material is Coroplast®, impenetrable, nonporous plastic
  • Chemical Resistant ~ Unaffected by chemical cleaners used in animal care
  • Colorfast ~ Color is imbedded throughout the material
  • Shape ~ Carried easily by your side without holding out at arms length
  • Size ~ Two boxes take up about the same floor space as one carrier
  • Door ~ Doors are full height and width for easy load and unload
  • Cleaning ~ Urates wash off easily. Removable floor makes cleaning easy
  • Strength ~ Material cannot be broken or torn

The Raptor Rig is manufactured and sold exclusively by AWARE.   All proceeds directly support AWARE’s education and rehabilitation efforts.

Order the Raptor Rig


Small Raptor Rigs are 16″x16″x10″ and fit up to a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Large Raptor Rigs are 22″x22″x12″ and fit up to a Great Horned Owl or Red-tailed Hawk.

Prices including shipping and handling

Small Raptor Rigs are $140.

Large Raptor Rigs are $240.

Discounts are available for non-profits, licensed rehabbers or permitted educators: small are $120 and large are $205.  A federal tax ID number, license number or permit number must be entered to receive the discounted price.

Delivery – Shipment will be by US Postal Service or UPS.

Returns – We want you to be satisfied.  Returns will be accepted within 90 days of when you receive the Raptor Rig.