2021 Baby Campaign

Baby Season is what we call our busiest months of the year, when folks are finding hundreds of orphaned babies that need help to grow up and return to the wild. Caring for these babies requires food, medicine, and care, and that's where you come in. Please click to donate to AWARE's 2021 Baby Campaign and give us the resources we need to help as many babies in need as we possibly can.

Donors to this year's campaign will have two choices for a personal gift they will receive by email:

  • A custom work of art created by an AWARE volunteer. You send in a picture of a beloved pet or choose an AWARE patient or ambassador. Our volunteer will create a work of art and email it to you. Please keep in mind that while some of our volunteers are outstanding artists, others have no idea what they are doing! Your work of art might be great or it might be awful, and it might be in any medium - painting, sculpture, or even something more abstract. All we promise is that the volunteer will create something from what you submit and we hope you enjoy!
  • Alternately, you can choose a personal photo of one of our baby patients thanking you by name.

After you donate, you'll get instructions by email for requesting your gift. And watching this page - we'll have more ways to help and examples of the volunteer-created pieces appearing here soon. In the meantime, check out the gallery of last year's baby art!

baby opossums with mouths agape
Lots of mouths to feed this baby season!