Baby Season donations

Baby season is the most intense part of AWARE’s year. As the weather warms up, we see a deluge of baby animals in need. Our staff and volunteers come early and stay late, caring for as many as 250 animals in care at once.

Donate now!

And that’s why we turn to our donors each spring- heroes for Atlanta’s wildlife; folks who care enough to give money and save lives. We need¬†you to support our efforts and help pay for the formula that will nourish a baby raccoon and the medicine that will heal an baby fox with an infected wound. Without you, there would be no AWARE, and no one to fight for these wild lives.

Our goal for this year’s campaign is $10,000. It’s an ambitious goal, but if we can reach it we will be able to afford to increase the number of orphans we care for. Please help us get there! If you can, you will receive two special rewards:

  • Every donor to the campaign will receive a photograph of one of our babies posing with a card displaying a custom thank you message to the donor, or anyone they wish to recognize. These photos are the most adorable thing you will ever see, hands down, so make sure you get one!
  • For every $50 you donate, you will get an entry in our drawing for a face-to-face ambassador animal encounter. You (and a couple guests if you wish to share) will get a personal tour of AWARE, followed by a sit-down visit with AWARE’s ambassadors in our Executive Director’s office. One after another, hawks, owls, possums, turtles, flying squirrels, and more will come to see you from mere inches away. For a wildlife lover, it does not get any better!

So please take a minute to donate and help wild babies in need this spring. There’s no better way to life your spirits than saving a life! And then enjoy this video of an orphaned barred owl finding a new parent at AWARE during the last week of April in 2018.¬† Your support made this possible – thank you!