COVID-19 & our Baby Campaign

AWARE is facing an unprecedented challenge this spring. Not only is there the usual rush of orphaned wildlife that need our help, but we are coping with the impact of the coronavirus on everything we normally do. That means no indoor volunteers at all, leaving two staff members to pull 12-hour shifts caring for every single indoor patient by themselves. It's extremly difficult work, but they are giving it their all to help as many animals as they possibly can.

That's where you come in. Our annual Baby Campaign provides the funding we need to buy food and medicine for these babies, but with the virus dominating the headlines, not everyone has time or energy to spend on wildlife. If you or your family are in need, please do take care of yourselves first! But if you can, the wildlife needs your help now more than ever. Go to our campaign page to donate. When you do, you will receive a unique photo with a baby animal and a card thanking you by name or an original piece of art made by one of our volunteers. Those poor folks miss helping the animals directly - won't you give so they can make you some art?

Meanwhile, the work goes on. You can contact our help desk if you need help with a wild animal. Though the virus is impacting our capacity, we will do everything we can to help and/or provide guidance on advice on steps you can take. Of course, we have had to suspend our usual free weekend ambassador wildlife tours. Until we are able to bring them back, you can follow us on Facebook for pictures, videos, and live streams from the center.

Thank you for caring about the wildlife. Please take care of yourselves and your families. Stay safe out there!

Wild Regards,

Scott Lange
Executive Director, AWARE Wildlife Center