Little Critters’ Corner: Free Coloring Page – Barn Owl

Just for our Little Critters! Download this free PDF of a barn owl ready to be colored! What color will you make your owl? Download your free coloring page now.

Brr! It’s Cold Out There!

By Christopher C. Dunlap February 2016 It’s wintertime here in Georgia again. That chilly weather makes us start dreaming of warm sandy beaches in exotic locales. This same cold weather also increases the chance of crossing paths with a wild animal. Most of us have either experienced or knows someone who has experienced animals like […]

2015 Year in Review: Another Wild Year at AWARE

By Melanie Furr Looking back at 2015, AWARE reflects on another successful year of preserving, promoting, and protecting Georgia’s wildlife.  Our many years of experience rehabilitating wild animals has taught us to expect certain things (like the baby squirrels that begin to arrive in February), but it has taught us to expect the unexpected as […]

Owl’ Bet You Didn’t Know That!

By Jim Wilson February 2016 Let’s talk about raptors – and I don’t mean the ferocious dinosaurs featured in Jurassic Park. The word “raptor” translates to the definition “birds of prey”, which are inclusive of hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures and owls. “Whooo” knew? These are usually the top avian predators in the Georgia area, with […]

The Okefenokee Swamp: Georgia’s Special Gem

November 2015 Deep within the ancient ocean floor, a depression known as the Okefenokee Swamp contains a very diverse and sensitive coalescence of ecosystems. The swamp ecosystem contains lakes, open water, rivers, wetland forests, prairies, and terrestrial ecosystems containing scrub shrub, wetland forests, and upland forests that work together promoting rich biodiversity for the entire […]

Fox in the Hole

November 2014 Recently I went on one of the most unusual animal rescues that I have ever undertaken. I received a call from AWARE (where I have volunteered for almost five years) asking if I could helpr a fox that was trapped in an abandoned General Motors factory slated for demolition. I was given the phone number […]

Back to the Wild

September 2014 Much of the work involved in wildlife rehabilitation isn’t interesting or glamorous. Actually, a lot of it is downright gross. I learned that fact my first week as a volunteer at AWARE wildlife center when my trainer Tammi asked me to cut up a dead rat for an injured vulture, testing my mettle […]

Carrion, My Wayward Bird

September 2014 Happy International Vulture Awareness Day! September 6th marked the annual observance of this day that celebrates these vital and fascinating birds and brings attention to the serious threats they face worldwide. I guess there really is a holiday for everything, haha!  Seriously, though, as one of nature’s most successful scavengers, vultures provide an array […]

Pretty as a ‘Possum

May 2014 Pretty as a ‘possum? Now, that’s a phrase you’re unlikely to hear. In fact, whenever I see posts on Facebook by friends who have encountered an opossum in their backyard or carport, a stream of comments inevitably follows about what ugly, rabid, nasty overgrown rodents they are. Recently, a friend who spotted one […]

A “Snap” Decision

May 2014 As a wildlife rehabilitator for AWARE Wildlife Center, I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences with wildlife. Recently, I had one of the more unusual encounters I’ve had rescuing a wild animal. Driving back to my office at Atlanta Audubon Society after having taught a beginning birding class, I noticed two police cars […]